Dr. Hannon gives Smiles for Life

Dr. Laura Hannon has a lot of adults and children beaming, but for more reasons than you might think. During this past spring and summer, She provided teeth whitening services to patients at a greatly reduced price and then donated 100 percent of the proceeds to children who face disabilities, serious illness, lack of medical care or decreased educational opportunities. It is all part of the Crown Council’s annual Smiles for Life campaign.

“This year’s effort was a great success, and we want to thank everyone in the community who participated by purchasing whitening services from us during the campaign. We also appreciate Philips Oral Healthcare’s donation of all teeth whitening materials,” says Dr. Laura Hannon, a Crown Council dentist located in Portage . “While it’s rewarding to see the beautiful smiles of our patients after their teeth are whitened – it is even more fulfilling to see the smiles of the children whose lives are changed by these contributions.”

Dr. Hannon is honored to have participated in this yearly event held by the Smiles for Life Foundation. During the four-month campaign Dr. Hannon and her staff have raised $1820.00 for kids. Half of these funds were contributed to Portage YMCA for the children in the local community. The other half were contributed to humanitarian initiatives in the Dominican Republic, as well as over 500 various Crown Council approved children’s charities worldwide. These worthy organizations help kids with an emphasis on improving health, education and inner-city programs.

The Crown Council is an alliance of dedicated dentists throughout North America who are committed to excellence in their practice, to continuing education, and to promoting oral health. As a way to give back to their communities, they established the Smiles for Life Foundation in 1998. Since its creation, this charity has raised over $31 million for disadvantaged children, and that number continues to grow. Philips Oral Healthcare (makers of Zoom! teeth whitening and BriteSmile) has contributed tremendously to this program’s success by donating all whitening materials used during the campaign, totaling over $1 million in donations since the Smiles For Life program began.

“Smiles for Life is a big win for everyone involved,” explains Greg Anderson, director of the Crown Council and co-founder of Smiles for Life. “Patients enjoy a brighter smile at a discounted price, our member dentists feel the satisfaction of giving back to their community, and, best of all, children in need find their lives are a little better and brighter.”

For more information about Smiles for Life, visit their website or call us a call at Smile Brightly at 219-763-6646.

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